• Susan

    on March 10, 2007

    What a beautiful display!!!! Seeing all these shots at once is amazing!!!

  • Wendy

    on December 8, 2005

    I LOVE this picture!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna figure out where I'm gonna put it and then buy it! ALL your flower pictures are just gorgeous! Nice work Shawna!! There's SO many I want!

  • 19665Veroniqque

    on May 3, 2005

    Beautiful Ranunculas!!!!

  • atheana

    on April 22, 2005

    Many thanks for your kind words on our gallery - your flower photos are wonderful, so vibrant!

  • Guest

    on April 22, 2005

    I love the photo's....You do very nice work, would like to see more. Marilyn

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